August 16, 2011

Manager Human Resources

One of our Clients is looking for Manager Human Resources for the following role.  
Manager Human Resources
Karachi – Pakistan
Health Insurance Company

·         At least a Master’s degree in HR management.
·         At least 8 years of relevant work experience in similar HR disciplines.
·         Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
·         Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings.
·         Knowledge of federal and provincial employment, wage and salary laws and regulations.
·         Good command over use of computer applications (MS-Office).
·         Responsible for all human resource activities that include; recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, training & development, performance appraisal, day to day HR operations etc.
·         Revise the existing Employee Handbook to comprehensively cover the recruitment, compensation, training, separation, code of business conduct, travel & leave policies and act as a custodian of these policies.
·         Structure the entire recruitment process flow according to business requirements.
·         Interview job applicants; review applications/resumes, evaluate applicants’ skills and make recommendations regarding remuneration package based on applicants’ relevant qualifications/experiences.
·         Prepare employee offer and appointment letters and complete their joining formalities.
·         Develop and maintain relationship with employment agencies, universities and other recruitment sources.
·         Prepare and update employee database and provide necessary information to respective departments.
·         Prepare and maintain manual filing system of employee employment records and requisite documents.
·         Update & formulate HR forms such as Staff Requisition form, Interview Evaluation form, Employment form, Offer Letter, Employment Letter, Promotion Letter, Termination Letter, Joining Report, Performance Appraisal Form, Leave Application Form, Employee Confirmation Form, Employee Exit form, Handing over Taking Over of Job Responsibilities Checklist etc.
·         Align the job analysis structure through formulation of job descriptions, job cadres, job titles, key productivity indicators & organ gram.
·         Design and update the ‘Careers’ webpage on the company website to post current employment opportunities and facilitate the online solicitation of CVs.
·         Prepare and maintain company salary and allowance structure and ensure competitive salary levels.
·         Provide advice, assistance and follow-up on company policies, procedures, and documentation.
·         Coordinate the resolution of specific policy-related and procedural problems and inquiries.
·         Coordinate grievances and mediate workplace disputes.
·         Develop and recommend operating policy and procedural improvements.
·         Responsible for holding Board HR Committee meetings and act as the Secretary of the BHRC.
·         Develop and manage annual HR budgets.
·         Provide orientation to new employees.
·         Other duties as assigned.
Please send your resume at in WORD FORMAT . Please mark the title of the designation and the preferred city applying for in the Subject line