August 09, 2011

Java/JEE Developers-Lahore

MetaApp / EBricks is looking for talented and passionate Java/JEE Developers with strong web development knowledge. This individual will work in web-based application development.


Ideal candidate should have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with excellent programming concepts and knowledge of quality standards for software development with focus on performance & scalability.

Work Experience:

Required hands on experience and sound knowledge of Core Java, JSF, Spring, Hibernate (or other ORM), and Web Services, as well as experience with web based applications.

Skills Required:

The candidate must possess at least 5 years of experience in Java programming or a combination of Java and another language such as C++.

Good-to-have/ highly desirable:

- Spring


- Groovy/Grails

- Java RMI



- A Java Servlet Container or JEE Application Server. Tomcat preferred.

- Basic SQL skills.

- Familiarity with Hibernate.


- Experience with an IDE or similar for Java / JEE development and debugging.

- Understanding of the dependency injection introduced in JDK 1.5 and integral to EJB 3.

- Ability to develop JEE Servlets.

- Java Web Service APIs, preferably with a pre-existing stack.

Required Soft Skills:

- Team Player

- Good communication skills (written and oral) with a pleasing personality

- Ability to multi-task.

- Initiative taker and active learner.

Please forward your resumes to and mention (Java/JEE Developers-Lahore) in subject line