September 26, 2011

Job Opportunity -- Director IT Operations, Lahore

We are looking for candidates for the position of Director IT Operations at a large Telecom Multinational Company.

Company Sector: Telecom
Company Type: Large Telecom Multinational Company
Position Title: Director IT Operations
Position Location: Lahore
Salary: 300K to 500K -- may vary

Essential Requirements:
-- Recent experience in Telecom Multinational Operator or Wi-Max Company
-- Currently at head of IT -- or one-step/two-step lower level

Job Responsibilities:
-- Facilitate end users and internal departmental customers through
Business Support Systems
-- Facilitate Management in making key decisions through reporting and
Business Intelligence Systems.
-- Manage Nation-wide Data Centers for Company.
-- Derive operational efficiencies by maintaining current systems and
evaluating and recommending new technologies
-- Meet IT operations financial objectives by forecasting
requirements, preparing and managing an annual budget, analyzing
variances and initiating improvement measures
-- Collect, analyze and summarize data and trends in new technologies
for improving storage architecture, capacity and response time
-- Develop, implement and ensure compliance with operational policies
and procedures

An ideal candidate should have:
 -- A Masters degree in Computer Sciences
-- At least 10 years of professional experience out of which at least
4 years should be Telecom specific experience (5+ years in managerial

Essential Skills:
-- Communication and interpersonal skills
-- Leadership skills
-- Strategic thinking

Please forward your CV/Resume to and/or