September 21, 2011

Head of Operations, Islamabad

We are looking for candidates for Head of Operations position at a IT Multinational Company.

Position Rank: Head of Operations
Position Title: VP/Director/Manager Operations [Title will be based on credentials/seniority)
Company Sector: IT
Company Type: US-based IT Multinational Company (with offices in various countries)
[Note: Current number of staff members in Pakistan: 80 to 90; Target after additional hiring: 150]
Position Location: Islamabad
Salary: depends on credentials/seniority

Essential Requirements:
-- Recent experience in Foreign company OR Multinational company based in Pakistan preferred
-- Experience in IT (or similar) company at the CEO or one-level/two-level below
-- Experience related to running the company
-- Project Management/Product Management type experience required

Please forward your Resume to and/or
-- This is a leadership position; it requires hiring staff, allocating work, and managing teams.
-- This position (which will be based in Islamabad) will work with existing company teams overseas. 
-- However, office hours will be the usual office hours of companies in Pakistan

-- Someone with extensive management experience in a US-based technology company, to oversee operations -- to include technology, administration, project management, people management etc.
-- Business person with IT background
-- Can work with US mentality
-- Must follow company policies/ protocol (i.e timings etc)
-- Able to manage people in Pakistan

Main Responsibilities:
-- Oversight of call center
-- Oversight of support center
-- Franchise support to Middle Asia / East Europe
-- Development: Design/coding
-- Manager programmers
-- Budgeting and ROI (experience in this is very important)

Please forward your Resume to and/or