July 12, 2011

Assistant Branch Manager

    Job Title:
          Reports to (Job Title):
          Monthly Gross Salary:
  Requirement: MBA working in relevant field line or Pharmacist degree will be preferred.
Assistant Branch Manager
Branch Manager
 20,000-25,000 + Perks & Benefits
 Islamabad based in a multinational pharmaceutical company.

To execute Store operations smoothly, maintain GWP & HSE.
Dimensions / Territory /scope/ scale indicator: warehouse staff, delivery men, delivery vans, customers, territory, all SKU’s proper storage, equipment, appliances in use look after. 

n  Ready stock signed SAN received form Branch Manager and issue ready stock to MIO and follow up with Branch Manager after seven days if pending.
n  On receiving Stock dispatch request forwarded by Branch Manager , follows up with DPO to prepare the STN
n  On receiving STN from DPO Store Officer gets the stocks picked form the warehouse by picker and packer. Stamp containing depot name is printed on the carton of relevant depot. Store Officer calls Courier Company according to HO instruction and hand over the stock to Courier Company.
n  On receiving Picking summary from DPO the stocks is picked from the warehouse by picker and packer & moved in the segregation area
n  Store Officer checks stocks picked by picker and packer in reference to picking summary
n  On receiving invoice and dispatch register  from DPO Store Officer hands over it to the Deliveryman/picker and packer for segregating stock
n  On receiving NPPL invoices from Cashier / DPO Store Officer gets the stocks picked from the warehouse by Picker and packer from NPPL inventory.
n  Store Officer ensures each invoice is  stamped with PZ warrantor sign (in case of institution / hospital invoices NPPL warrantor sign)
n  For NPPL invoices Store Officer decides the route to be used for each NPPL invoice and gets receiving on the copy of the invoice from the deliveryman. Deliveryman checks the stock with the invoices and leaves the warehouse with stock, invoice and dispatch register.
n  Store office will ensure that dispatch register are duly signed by Delivery men and driver before leaving the premises.
n  On receiving SDN from DPO Store Officer gets the samples picked by Picker and Packer and then dispatch it on MIO address. In some cases hands  over to MIO when he picks from the warehouse if required by the MIO
n  Store officer ensures driver to write time out in the morning along with the route and meter reading on time register and also when he returns back he writes time in along with meter reading.
n  Store Officer after vans have left the premises he gets the running batches physically counted by picker and packer of all stock PZ and NPPL.
n  Store Officer ensure deliveryman write their time in and time out in the attendance register.

Interested candidates kindly send me there cvs on fatima@pri.com.pk latest by 15th july, candidates are encouraged to apply only if they have relevant experience