July 18, 2011

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers use their abilities to create visual images that solve a problem or communicate a message. These days, graphic designers use computer software to create electronic versions of their designs to be used in online media and print. Graphic designers are employed in a wide range of different industries for a variety of purposes.

The practical skill of the graphic designer is their ability to use design software to produce images. But the most important skill of a graphic designer is their ability to create unique, effective designs that meet the needs of the project.


- Bachelor’s degree in graphic design
- four-year degree to consider you for an entry level position. While many two-year graphic design programs  are out there, professionals with this level of training are likely to find jobs as assistants to graphic designers  rather than starting out as graphic designers themselves.

-Overall, well-rounded, skilled, and talented graphic designers have the most options and you can build these traits through training and diligence.

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