July 17, 2011

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Post Title: Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Number of Posts: 2
Relevant Experience Required: 1 to 3 years

Education: Computer Science Graduate

Job Description:
· Ensuring the excellent quality of software products

· Developing, writing and executing test cases

· Creating/managing test environments

· Collaborating closely with developers, product managers to identify and resolve issues

· Involvement in process planning and continuous improvement

· Identify bug sources and introduce steps to reproduce and report bugs in bug management tools

· Write/execute SQL queries 



· Proficiency in SQL programming

· Understanding of Software Testing Lifecycle and Software Development Lifecycle

· Understanding of test case and test plan development

· Understanding of scenario analysis

· Knowledge of bug categorization on severity basis

· Experience with bug tracking tool

· Knowledge of test automation tool is a plus
· Experience of Quality Center and Automated Testing will be a plus point

Please forward your CV to hrm@ikonami.net and use Post Title as the subject of your email.