July 13, 2010

Procurement Engineer

1. Ability to review of ITB’s of different Projects.
2. Material Procurements for Engineering Project after negotiation with vendors & suppliers
3. Estimates the Bill of Materials & BOQ’s for mechanical, Civil and electrical works.
4. Initial review of quotations on commercial terms & conditions and have a comprehensive technical review from relevant department.
5. Prepares the RFQs for purchasing materials.
6. Performs technical evaluation of the proposals from vendors, and approved their quotations for procurement of materials & services. 
7 Communicates effectively with internal departments to ensure smooth running of projects, and be responsible for producing cost-effective solutions to design problems within acceptable periods.
8. Process Planning & Scheduling, including generation of supporting documentation, such as drawings, analytical calculations, analysis reports, assembly trees, bill of material, procurement docs.
9. Looks after all engineering change request (ECR) based on customer feedback.
10. Developing & supporting technical documentations for the project by generating component and assembly drawings as well as by generating assembly trees for the project.
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