February 06, 2011


Location: Lahore
• Minimum of 5 to 7 years experience with Oracle EBS and Oracle Custom Applications with Oracle DB
versions 9i, 10g, and/or 11g (experience with Oracle EBS 11 and Oracle DB 11g preferred).
• Install and maintain Linux and Windows Server operating systems including UNIX shell script
• Create and administer database servers including backup (RMAN), recovery, monitoring and tuning
• Administer database accounts according to the security and account management policies.
• Ability to install, backup, restore, reorganize, plan capacity, recover, tune performance and design.
• Monitor and manage the growth of tablespace and datafiles.
• Analyze tables and schemas, collecting system statistics, reorganizing tables and indexes,
• Monitor locks, sessions and queries using OEM.
• Experience building schemas, developing stored procedures and database triggers in PL/SQL.
• Regularly monitor alert log files for errors and warnings.
• Take periodic full cold backups and export database dumps.
• Provide support to programmers in day to day database operations.
• Experience in SQL * Net and SQL * Loader
• Experience in Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) setup and tuning to achieve fault tolerance and
load balancing
• Capable of configuring SAN with clustered Linux servers and simplify the storage using Oracle ASM
• Create and maintain physical and logical standby databases.
• Experience in Oracle replication (advance replication using streams, materialized views) between Oracle
to Oracle and MySQL to Oracle
• Experience in database cloning
• Writing PL/SQL scripts to automate database functions
• Manage remote servers residing at different geographical locations and maintain links between multiple
• Experience in quick recovery of databases in disaster situations
• Manage and schedule Oracle Jobs
• Experience with Oracle Financial Applications
• Maintain 24X7 availability and be willing to provide after hours support as needed.
• Oracle Developer 6i
o Installation of Oracle Developer client on user machine to run client/server applications
o Establishing connection between developer client and DB server
• Oracle Application Server
o Installation of Oracle Report Server on Linux and Windows machines
o Configuring data for oracle report server
o Troubleshooting issues with oracle report servers
• Apache and PHP
o Installation of Apache servers with PHP, Oracle and MySQL support
o Troubleshooting and performance monitoring of Apache servers
o Installation and configuration of FTP server

Please email CVs or your recommendations to saqibah@szaram.com mentioning the position
applied for in subject-line. Details of above mentioned positions will be shared with shortlisted
candidates only