February 09, 2011


Location: Oman
Role in the Contract:
 Shall be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the HSE Management System that complies with
the requirements of HSEMS Company requirements. This includes assuring that the work is performed in
accordance with the specified requirements.
Reporting on the performance of the quality system by identifying problems affecting quality and Company
complaints to the executive management for review and basis for the improvement in the HSE system.
 Liaison with Company on matters relating to HSE and its functioning.

Qualification Requirement:
 Shall be an Engineer whose academic qualifications and experiences are recognized as acceptance for corporate
membership of a U.K. Institution, for example the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institution of Chemical
Engineers or the Institution of Electrical Engineers.
Experience level needed:
 Minimum 15years in carrying out engineering & construction supervision in a process environment.
Specific Requirement:
 Ability to conduct root cause analysis in a business process.

Personality Requirement:
 Good inter Personnel & communication skills and an extrovert.
 Shall be able to form, smoothly interact and motivate a team with the ability to manage change within a matrix
type organization and be assertive.
 Continuously seek opportunities to HSE philosophy throughout the Contract and Endeavour to improve the
Services to the Company. Emphasis and work style to be consistently focused on economy, thoroughness, documentation, seeking out and
correcting the root causes and setting up the right examples. Changing hearts and minds of Personnel to put HSE as integral part of their day to day living.

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