March 23, 2009

Part Time Software Developers required

Looking for skilled VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL programmer/teacher for specific

project job


- expert programming knowledge; VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL

- teaching capabilities

- candidate should have his own working place, PC, internet connection

and developing environment; Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL 2005

- proper certificated computer education and at least 4 years experience

on windows desktop, database and web application development

- good English

- Pay Pal or Money Bookers account

***Please do not reply if you not fulfill these basic requirements.

Job description:

Online guidance for building database application. To teach good programming

practice trough development of completely functional evidence software. All

communication will run over e-mail.

Work duration:

About 40 days, dead line 15th May

Project budget:

35,000Rs – 45,000Rs


The project will be distributed on smaller parts and work will go by sequence.

We will pay after finishing every single part.


Please reply with short CV, specially your references and expertise’s.